Way Up Series - Educational Game Manuals

We would like to inform you that we have added a new link to our site www.grivas.gr, where you can find the Educational Games manuals that accompany our new Way Up series. These manuals can be read online or printed out.

Click here to go directly to the main link, or click on one of the links below for the specific manual you require.

The new Sphinx Educational Game Guide, which accompanies the fourth book in the Way Up series – Way Up 4 (B1) will be added no later than 10th June.

Way Up 4 (B1) Coursebook teacher's book is now available and you can obtain it by contacting our Customer Service on 210-5573470.

You will receive a new update during the summer regarding the release of the other components of the Way Up 4 (B1) series, which will all be available for the start of the new school year.

Summertime Revision Tip!
If you have adopted one of our Way Up books, you can ask us to send you the corresponding Game on DVD for each of your students. Your students can then revise what they have learnt in an enjoyable and fun way during their summer holidays.


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