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A modern English Grammar series

This new four-book series has been specially designed for Greek learners of English. Its main feature is its simplicity of approach, which makes grammar easy to teach and learn.

Key features:

Grammar Presentation

  • The grammatical items dealt with are presented through concise, simple but clear rules, thus avoiding any unnecessary complex explanations.
  • All the grammatical and structural phenomena covered in the first three books are graded according to difficulty.
  • The comprehensive grammar coverage in the fourth book gives the intermediate level student, or anyone wanting a clear picture of English  grammar, the chance to see the mechanisms of the language and to understand any confusing points. 

Grammar Practice

  • A combination of both traditional exercises and those based on modern methodology constitute the ideal way for the student to absorb the theory  taught.
  • The number of exercises in every lesson takes into account the amount of time at the student's disposal.
  • In every lesson there is an oral activity which practises the grammar taught and helps students see how structures are used in everyday English.
  • Included are exercises which will familiarise students with the types of exercises set in the Cambridge FCE examination, but at the level appropriate to the book.
  • Regular revision units which recycle what has been learnt in all preceding units.
  • In each revision unit in the first three books, there is a writing task designed to help students express their thoughts in writing.
  • The vocabulary included in the exercises is within the students' understanding so the focus can be on grammar rather than vocabulary.

The four books in the Grammar Today series make up an autonomous and comprehensive English Grammar, which can  be used with any series of coursebooks.


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  • Teacher’s Book


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