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The books all teachers of English have been waiting for. 
  • BOOK 1: 380 pages
  • BOOK 2: 430 pages


About the books

Language is constantly changing. What was unacceptable in the past may be in common usage today. This can present serious difficulties for Greek teachers of English, particularly when they have little or no regular contact with native speakers.

Correct English Usage 1 & 2 provide Greek teachers of English with practical up-to-date guidance on the patterns of usage in the English language. The two books contain a wealth of advanced language points of particular interest to the Greek teacher, compiled after exhaustive research of numerous authoritative sources and close consultation with native speakers. The language used is neither pedantic nor obscure, thus avoiding the confusing explanations so often found in grammar and reference books.

Correct English Usage 1 includes:

  • analysis of advanced language points.
  • clarification of the meaning and use of confusing words and expressions.
  • information on formal and informal usage, appropriateness and style.
  • a careful selection of frequently mispronounced English words.
  • differences in British and American English.

Correct English Usage 1 & 2 meet the long-neglected need for a contemporary usage guide written specifically for Greek teachers of English, focusing on the doubts and uncertainties they encounter while teaching.

Costas Grivas has been involved in the field of EFL teaching in Greece for over 35 years, both as a teacher and as an author of books for learners of every age and level.


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