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Grammar in Focus B1+, B2

Our most versatile grammar books yet!

 These two unique grammar books have been designed to thoroughly prepare students for any B2 Level examination.

GRAMMAR in FOCUS (B1+ and B2) include:

  • comprehensive coverage of all the grammatical and structural phenomena encountered at these levels with concise and helpful explanations (B1+ in Greek and B2 in English).
  • a variety of exercises providing thorough practice in all grammatical and structural points presented in the theory.
  • extensive practice in key word transformation focusing on grammar and structure.
  • systematic practice in word formation.
  • multiple-choice exercises.
  • open cloze texts.
  • sample practice in phrasal verbs, verbs / adjectives / nouns with prepositions and prepositional phrases.
  • regular revision through traditional exercises as well as exam style exercises based on B2 level examinations,  which will help students consolidate their knowledge.

GRAMMAR in FOCUS is the ideal accompaniment to any B1+ / B2 level coursebook or skills book and the key to success at B2 Level.

Two new indispensable books recommended to be taught alongside Level Up B1+ and Level Up B2 coursebooks. [Level Up B1 has got its own grammar book.]


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  • Teacher’s Book
  • Extra Practice Material (Multimedia Download)


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