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About the book(s)

Grammar Steps is a five-book series specially designed for Greek learners of English. It covers beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate levels. The overall aim of the series is to help students understand the basic structures of the English language rather than lose themselves in a labyrinth of details.

Key features of Grammar Steps:

  • Simplicity in the presentation of grammar structures, omitting complicated rules.
  • Constant revision to help consolidate what students have been taught.
  • Simple and practical exercises that do not impede students' progress.
  • Books 1, 2 and 3 cover all the basics of English  grammar, while Book 4 not only presents the grammatical phenomena encountered in the first three books but also introduces additional structures, giving students the opportunity to revise what has gone before as they continue to progress.
  • Book 5 provides more advanced theory in conjunction with a variety of exercises presented in the style of tasks encountered in Cambridge, Michigan, Edexcel and KPG examinations.

Grammar Steps has been carefully graded, enabling students to gain a good command of English grammar, which will help them express themselves confidently and accurately.

This practical modern English grammar series will compliment any coursebook series.

The CD-ROM contains a variety of exercises, giving students an opportunity to further consolidate their knowledge. Using the CD-ROM requires only basic computer skills on the part of the student.

(Available free of charge. Alternatively it can be downloaded here)


  • Student’s Book
  • Answer Key and Tests for Books 1-5
  • CD-Rom for levels 1 to 4


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