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About the book(s)

ENGLISH FOR ADULTS is a three-book series which has been specially designed to take adult learners from false beginner level to B2 level.

On completion of the course, learners will be fully equipped with the skills and language knowledge  necessary for success in a B2 level examination. Learners will also be able to use the English language with confidence and accuracy in a variety of real-life situations and to manage a wide range of communicative tasks effectively.

Features of the course include:

  • An emphasis on functional language.
  • Methodical development of reading, speaking, listening and writing skills.
  • Topics and tasks relevant to the needs and interests of adult learners.
  • Motivating texts from a variety of sources.
  • Clear, concise grammar sections.
  • Comprehensive coverage of phrasal verbs and prepositions.
  • Exposure to useful idiomatic English.
  • Systematic consolidation through frequent review of language points taught.
  • Challenging listening activities.
  • Special techniques to develop adult learners' fluency in English.


  • Student's Book
  • Grammar and Companion
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Teacher’s Grammar and Companion
  • Activity Book
  • Test Booklet
  • Teacher’s Activity Book
  • Answer Key
  • Audio Material


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