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Reading & Use of English for the Cambridge English First (FCE) for Schools examination has been designed to thoroughly prepare students for Paper 1 of the examination.

Reading & Use of English includes:

  • comprehensive coverage of all the grammatical phenomena encountered at this level.
  • ample practice in the grammar presented in each unit.
  • alphabetical presentation of phrasal verbs, prepositional phrases, verbs / adjectives / nouns with prepositions.
  • derivative tables at the back of the book, featuring a comprehensive list of words and their derivatives in alphabetical order.
  • extensive practice in key word transformation, focusing on grammar / structure, vocabulary and collocation or idiomatic expression.
  • example transformations, providing students with a valuable resource that will enable them to cope with the demands of this task.
  • additional practice in phrasal verbs and word confusion.
  • multiple-choice and open cloze texts.
  • a variety of reading texts, including newspaper and magazine articles, novel extracts, advertisements and informational material such as guides and brochures.
  • skills exercises which will aid students in the reading sections of the examination.

Reading & Use of English for the Cambridge English First (FCE) for Schools will provide students with extensive practice in the format of the examination, developing their grammatical and lexical skills to the level required for success in the Cambridge English First (FCE) for Schools examination.


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