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About the book(s)

ON COURSE is a coursebook series written after extensive research into the latest language learning theory, including the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It takes learners of English through all levels, from beginner to proficiency.

ON COURSE is a learner-centred course which provides students with the skills necessary to fulfil a variety of communicative goals.

The educational objectives of ON COURSE are:

  • To provide a supportive framework in which students can develop their receptive and productive skills.
  • To encourage students to become more responsible for their own learning.
  • To widen students' knowledge and understanding of different cultures, lifestyles and perspectives.
  • To encourage students to work with their peers to exchange ideas, solve problems, plan project work and so on.

The key features of ON COURSE 5 are:

  • A wide range of reading texts from a variety of sources.
  • Listening texts that reflect real-life situations and tasks.
  • Writing sections which aim to develop students' ability to express themselves in English, using a guided approach.
  • Speaking activities linked to the topic of the module, and recognising the importance of pair and groupwork in the development of students' oral skills.
  • Straightforward presentation of grammar points followed by ample practice.
  • Challenging exercises designed to build up students' vocabulary, as well as language awareness sections.
  • Functional and situational English sections.
  • Self-assessment sections and project work.

Components 5

  • Student's Coursebook
  • Teacher's Coursebook
  • Student's Activity Book
  • Teacher's Activity Book
  • Student's Grammar and Companion
  • Teacher's Grammar and Companion
  • Test Booklet Teacher's
  • Grammar and Companion Test Booklet Teacher's
  • Test Booklet
  • Grammar and Companion Testbooklet
  • Audio Material

The ON COURSE series covers all types of texts, grammatical and vocabulary items, listening, writing and oral tasks encountered in B2 level examinations - according to the latest specifications.


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