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NEW GENERATION PRACTICE TESTS for the MICHIGAN ECPE aims to help candidates achieve their objective by giving them not only adequate examination practice, but also a systematic review of the language encountered at proficiency level.

Key features are:

  • Additional practice in GRAMMAR, covering 500 grammatical points, to ensure that candidates are prepared for any grammatical phenomena they may encounter in the exam.
  • Additional VOCABULARY practice, covering over 3,500 words, presented alphabetically, to help candidates deal with the problematic vocabulary section by exposing them to as many words as possible.
  • Special emphasis on WRITING, supplying candidates with the techniques and skills they need to help them write coherently and correctly.
  • 15 SPEAKING tests with vocabulary helplines to enable candidates to enhance their fluency and accuracy when speaking, along with help and guidance for teachers, all written according to the latest specifications.
  • Authentic dialogs and talks in the LISTENING tests, presented in the new format.


  • Student’s Book
  • Companion
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Audio Material


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