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PRACTICAL ENGLISH for ADULTS is a two-book series which has been specially designed for adult learners with a basic knowledge of the language. Starting with simple structures, learners will gradually develop their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills, enabling them to use English naturally and effectively in everyday situations.

The main features of PRACTICAL ENGLISH for ADULTS are:

  • topics and tasks relevant to the needs and interests of adult learners.
  • motivating texts and dialogues from a variety of sources, including magazine / newspaper articles, leaflets, advertisements and emails.
  • communicative exercises which focus on everyday situations.
  • constant exposure to both situational and functional English.
  • common phrases and expressions to encourage natural-sounding speech.
  • clear and concise presentation of grammatical structures.
  • a wide variety of listening activities that will aid in the development of aural comprehension.
  • projects that will give learners additional exposure to written and spoken English.

PRACTICAL ENGLISH for ADULTS will help adult learners increase their knowledge of English over a relatively short period of time, aiding them in the workplace, when travelling and also when using the Internet.


  • Student's Coursebook
  • Teacher's Coursebook
  • Student's Workbook
  • Teacher's Workbook
  • Student's Grammar & Companion
  • Teacher's Grammar & Companion
  • Phrase book
  • Test Booklet
  • Audio Material

You can download free the audio for the PRACTICAL ENGLISH for ADULTS 1 COMPANION. Click here to download it in MP3 format.


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