NOCN B2 Preparation & 10 Practice Tests

nocn B2 - Preparation & 10 Practice Tests includes:

  • a detailed overview of the nocn B2 examination.
  • extensive preparation sections for the key areas of the examination.
  • 10 complete practice tests.

Key features of the preparation are:

  • Grammar practice with theory in brief and exercises. This section provides concise yet comprehensive coverage of grammatical points, which will help students deal with all four parts of the exam.
  • Extensive practice in phrasal verbs, spelling, punctuation. This approach will enable students to cope with the demands of the actual test.
  • Structural and lexical aid for the writing part of the examination, which will give students the guidance they need to approach both the formal and informal tasks. A variety of structures and expressions are provided which will allow students to express themselves more effectively and correctly.
  • Assistance with the speaking section in terms of useful words and expressions which will help students complete tasks and increase their fluency and accuracy in English.

The extensive preparation followed by the 10 practice tests will give students the confidence they need to successfully cope with the demands of the nocn examination.


  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Audio Material


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