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The material in this booklet includes:

  • Grammar Reference (in English)
  • Over 300 grammatical and structural items (exam style)
  • Glossary (words presented by page)
  • Transcripts (for all the listening sections)

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About the book(s)

Comprehensive Preparation & PRACTICE TESTS for the MSU CELP (C2) has been designed to thoroughly prepare students for the MSU examination. It not only offers advice and guidance on how to tackle the exam, but also provides ample practice in all sections of the examination. 

Key features:

  • Preparation Units for each section of the exam which, through a variety of techniques, prepare students for the practice test that follows.
  • Exam-style exercises to provide practice in the format of the examination which will aid students’ understanding of what is required of them.
  • Writing Sections providing students with clear step-by-step instructions on how to successfully complete their essay.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all the grammatical phenomena that regularly appear in the exam.
  • Ample Listening Practice to give students a good idea of what to expect in each part of the test.
  • Reading Sections which cover all the different question types that students may encounter in the examination.
  • A wealth of language to help students cope with the Speaking Section of the examination. 
  • Model answers to further aid students’ understanding of what is required of them in the Speaking and Writing sections.

Practical and easy to use, Comprehensive Preparation & PRACTICE TESTS for the MSU CELP (C2) will provide students with everything they need to achieve success.

Components:  Student’s Book, Teacher’s Book, Supplementary Booklet, Audio Material


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