ESB B2 Preparation & 12 Practice Tests

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  • a detailed overview of the ESB B2 examination.
  • extensive preparation sections for the key problem areas of the examination.
  • 12 complete practice tests.
  • extra Speaking and Writing sections for further practice.

The preparation sections cover all task types encountered in the examination with particular emphasis on Use of English, and the difficulties of vocabulary, grammar and idiomatic language often found there.

The vocabulary covered will also ready candidates for the range of themes in the Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking sections.

ESB B2 - PREPARATION & 12 PRACTICE TESTS by C.N. GRIVAS will not only familiarise candidates with the examination, but also allow them to reach their goal of success at B2 level.


  • Student's Book
  • Teacher's Book
  • Listening Scripts
  • Audio CDs

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