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About the book(s)

THE MAGIC BALL is an innovative new series for Junior A and Junior B classes which invites young learners to take their first steps in English. The combination of a magical world and realistic situations is ideal for teaching English at this level.

THE MAGIC BALL series features:

  • a carefully graded syllabus which familiarises children with the basic structures of English.
  • a variety of practical, creative exercises which enable children to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in an entertaining way.
  • lively songs
  • regular revision and testing

There is also:

  • an interesting play for the children to enact their own adventure

The adventure story in THE MAGIC BALL will capture the young learners' imagination giving them access to a world where learning is fun.


The Magic Ball Junior A

  • Starter (Free with Coursebook)
  • Coursebook
  • Workbook
  • Words & Grammar (Free with Workbook)
  • Test Booklet
  • Teacher's Book / Guide interleaved with lesson plans
  • Flashcards
  • Posters
  • Audio Material
  • Interactive Whiteboard Software
  • DVD with animated storyline

The Magic Ball Junior Β

  • Coursebook
  • Workbook
  • Grammar Book
  • Companion (Free with Grammar Book)
  • Test Booklet
  • Teacher's Book / Guide interleaved with lesson plans
  • Posters
  • Audio Material
  • Interactive Whiteboard Software


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