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About the book(s)

WAY TO THE TOP B2 is a new coursebook which uses a systematic approach to vocabulary development through a variety of texts as required in B2 level examinations. It also provides students with useful language points which will help them develop a better command of the language. 


  • ample practice in all 4 skills – reading, speaking, listening and writing
  • stimulating, level-appropriate reading texts accompanied by a variety of interesting exercises which aim to challenge and inspire
  • special emphasis on vocabulary, which is regularly recycled
  • a variety of writing tasks with step-by-step guidance aimed at helping students to express their thoughts effectively and accurately 
  • a wide range of speaking and listening activities to enhance students’ competency, giving them more confidence in these key areas
  • discussion points to help develop students’ critical thinking skills
  • situational dialogues that not only help students avoid making mistakes but also familiarise them with English culture.

Special LANGUAGE AWARENESS section in every lesson. These sections contain a wealth of interesting points concerning the English language, which will benefit students by helping them acquire a true feel for the language. Students are also given help with the pronunciation of difficult sounds and words.

WAY TO THE TOP B2 provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to tackle any B2 level examination.

Components for the Student:

  • Coursebook with Free Writing Task Booklet
  • Workbook with Free Study Companion (includes Grammar)
  • Test Booklet
  • Interactive e-book

Components for the Teacher:

  • Teacher’s Editions of All Student’s Components
  • Teacher’s Resource Booklet
  • IWB Software
  • Audio CDs


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