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ON COURSE for the MICHIGAN ECPE offers a systematic approach to the  acquisition of the English language at proficiency level. The book contains comprehensive coverage of the four sections (GCVR, Writing, Speaking and Listening) which comprise the Michigan ECPE, providing students with:

  • Topic-related, level-appropriate Cloze and Reading texts, designed to elicit maximum student response in the areas of comprehension, textual analysis and linguistic content.
  • Extensive practice in advanced lexical items such as derivatives, related words, confusable words, idioms, prepositions, phrasal verbs, synonyms, antonyms and collocations.
  • Vocabulary exercises to aid students in what is considered to be the most demanding part of the Michigan examination.
  • Grammar sections that enable students to review key grammar phenomena with particular emphasis on difficult grammar points.
  • Carefully planned writing sections - including full-length writing tasks giving sufficient help and guidance to enable students to convey their ideas fluently and effectively.
  • Ample opportunity to practice the multi-stage, semi-structured speaking activities described in the new specifications.
  • Sufficient exposure to naturally-spoken American English to enable students to cope with the demands of the listening section.

After completing ON COURSE for the Michigan ECPE, students should continue with the New Generation Practice Tests for the Michigan ECPE. This book will assist candidates in consolidating the material they have been taught, and provide them with a thorough preparation for the examination.


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