Preparation and Practice Tests for the TOEIC® Test (REVISED FORMAT)



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PREPARATION AND PRACTICE TESTS FOR THE TOEIC(R) TEST will familiarize candidates with the REVISED FORMAT (2018) of the examination through comprehensive preparation units and eight practice tests, all written in accordance with the latest specifications.

Key features:

Part-by-part Analysis of the material and question styles in each section of the examination, followed by practical advice on how to approach them.

Preparation Units targeting key problem areas for Greek students, while building up essential language skills. These units include:

  • Grammar:
    Comprehensive theory (in Greek), examples and practice exercises covering all grammar phenomena tested in the examination.
  • Vocabulary:
    Extensive coverage of international occupational, professional and work-related terminology, as required by the TOEIC(R) Test.
  • Reading:
    Coverage of all text types featured in the examination, ensuring familiarity with the different styles encountered, and the kinds of questions that accompany them.
  • Revision:
    Exam-style consolidation of key grammar and vocabulary items every two units.

PREPARATION AND PRACTICE TESTS FOR THE TOEIC(R) TEST will not only supply students with ample practice material, but also give them a sound knowledge of the English used in the work environment internationally, helping them to succeed in the new TOEIC(R) Test.


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