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About the book(s)

All our PRACTICE TESTS FOR THE MICHIGAN ECCE have been compiled following close evaluation of past examinations and sample material. The content, level and format of each practice test accurately reflect those of the examination.

  • Grammar items are presented as short dialogues or single sentences, testing significant, practical, syntactic and morphological aspects of English.
  • Vocabulary items are taken from the same sources as  those encountered in the examination and test knowledge of lexis at upper intermediate level.
  • Reading texts include short passages (taken from various sources), advertisements and related short passages such as those found in public information leaflets, brochures and magazines.
  • Writing tasks reflect authentic, contemporary writing objectives.
  • Listening material features naturally-spoken standard American English delivered at a normal rate through short conversational exchanges and talks such as radio  interviews.
  • Speaking tasks focus on asking for and giving information, decision-making and expressing and justifying opinions.


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