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New books 2014

Further Practice Vocabulary and GrammarFurther Practice
in Vocabulary and Grammar
Additional vocabulary and grammar exercises
for each unit are included on a single CD covering
all four Coursebooks in the Spot On series.[All exercises can be projected and / or printed.]
Available free of charge to those who have adopted this particular series.

Now Available

Spot On 1Spot On 1
Spot On 2Spot On 2
Spot On 3Spot On 3
Spot On 4Spot On 4
Reading & Use of English (New Format 2015)Reading & Use of English (New Format 2015) Now Available
Speaking, Listening & Writing Skills (New Format 2015)Speaking, Listening & Writing Skills (New Format 2015)Now Available
6 Practice Tests (New Format 2015)6 Practice Tests (New Format 2015)Now Available
Οn Course CPE (New Format 2013)Οn Course CPE
CPE Reading & Use of English (New Format 2013)CPE Reading & Use of English
CPE Speaking & ListeningCPE Speaking & Listening
CPE Practice TestsCPE Practice Tests
CPE WritingCPE Writing

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