Michigan ECCE & Cambridge FCE [6+6 Practice Tests]

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NEW GENERATION PRACTICE TESTS PLUS for the MICHIGAN ECCE & CAMBRIDGE FCE provides students with  comprehensive practice in all parts of both examinations. In addition to twelve complete tests - six for the Michigan ECCE and six for the Cambridge FCE - written according to the most recent specifications, candidates obtain FURTHER PRACTICE in:

    Approximately 3,000 words, in exercise form, are presented alphabetically. This will help students acquire an excellent command of vocabulary, which is one of the most important parts of both examinations. There are also text-related vocabulary exercises, which enable students to comprehend the meaning of difficult words in context.
    A systematic treatment of grammatical problem areas covers structure and usage (key word transformations, derivatives, prepositions, common errors and more).
    Full coverage of all task types encountered in both examinations. Writing guides for each task type are provided, which will help students organize and present their ideas more effectively.

NEW GENERATION PRACTICE TESTS PLUS for the MICHIGAN ECCE & CAMBRIDGE FCE will not only help candidates pass the examinations, but will also lay a solid foundation for those students who wish to go on to take higher-level  examinations such as the MICHIGAN ECPE and the CAMBRIDGE CPE.

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